Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Goodbye 2018

Hey y'all,
It has been another great year at owairaka and I will be very sad to leave altogether, its hard to say goodbye to nearly 7 years of being here at Owai, I loved hanging out with my friends, learning new things from all of my fantastic teachers, and of coarse all the loving, caring people I have met during these years .

Adious Amigos!

Oh, and here are some pictures of me and my dog ;

Monday, 10 December 2018

Making waves at the Kauri big splash!

Last week on Friday we had Kauri big splash, we did lots of fun+competitive  races I was in , Backstroke girls, Noodle tow, Clothes race and of coarse the class relay.
Here are some pictures from the big day:
Me in the pink togs winning the backstroke heat 2.

Waiting with anticipation.

Phillip, bringing it home.

Devon getting ready to race.

Marley is waiting for his turn patently.

I won the backstroke girls!

Friday, 30 November 2018

Ratio art!

This week and last week we have been working on some ratio art, we mixed red, blue, yellow, black, and white colours to make other colours, then we applied masking tape, making a pattern and painted the piece of paper, we let it dry and then remove the tape, here is mine and my favourite ones:






Wednesday, 28 November 2018

Class journal 2018

Our teacher miss mills was recently away on medical leave and we had Mr Pressnell come in instead of her, he decided to let us make class journal's. Here is what me, Cleo and Mala produced as a team, hope you enjoy:

The Pegirafficorn!

For writing this week and last week we have been drawing and creating our own visual description's this is mine:
Remember to name the animal and send me a picture!

The Pegirafficorn

My drawing is a magical creature,
It has a oval shaped body and 4 long legs, with one bent leg and four paws with 3 toes and sharp claws,
Add circles for the knees.
Make a long neck.

At the end of the neck make the large oval for the head, don't forget to add a slightly open mouth add semicircle teeth.
Add a large eye and a nostril hole to the head,
now add long triangle horn on top of the head, add stripes to the horn,
toward the back of the head add four lines and one circle per two lines so it looks like a microphone.
Add two ears either side of the antennae, If you want you can add hair/curls around the ears and antennae.
Next add along rectangle mane with triangle indents every 1.5cm - 4cms. Don't forget the tail!

Now add birds wings to your liking,
Lastly add deformed circle-like splotches all over the animal, apart from the wings, the mane, and the horn.

The wings and horn can be pastel colours and the mane will be a brown, the splotches are also brown and the body is yellow, the antennae sticks are yellow and the balls are black, don't forget the tail witch is yellow with black hair at the bottom!

Send me a picture of your creation.

Friday, 9 November 2018

Table tennis tournament.

The tournament.

Yesterday on Thursday the 8th of November, me and my fellow table tennis peeps (Mala, Jadarose, Zoe, Luka, Leo, Solomon, Vinnie, James, Lucas and Mr Faulder) went to the Eden Albert table tennis tournament and participated. All of the boys had very hard people to compete with but did outstandingly well, sadly none of the boys got into the knock out round :( . The girls also had some big time competition, and we also did not get into the knock out round, however we were all so proud of ourselves for giving it a go, and, we all had heaps of fun. We all played 12 games and out of 12 games I won 4 including the bye, witch I was very proud of. and after the matches we played some games, noncompetitive table tennis and won some mentos (a chewy candy), then we watched the boys and girls finals, with the boys you could hardly see the ball. It was such a fun day and I highly recommend table tennis as a sport (even if you you aren't the best).


Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Roll a story

Character: An underwater goddess
Setting: Under water kingdom
Problem: Raining chocolate

Once upon a moody night there was an underwater Goddess and she lived in
an underwater palace, She liked being a Goddess and having power over her

One day something terrible happened, it started to rain... CHOCOLATE!
White chocolate, milk chocolate and dark chocolate
was pelting through the layers of deep blue sea, then, the lightning started.
Chocolate covered bacon was cursing the sky like a grumpy witch who just
came home from vacation, oh, and it was also a Monday.

Now you may be thinking chocolate covered bacon, YUM!
But you see, merpeople are sort-of vegetarians and the are mortally afraid of bacon
so let's just say, THIS IS A NIGHTMARE, for them at least, But for me Mmmmm,