Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Dawn raids visit

This term we have been reading 'Dawn Raids' by Pauline (Vaeluaga) Smith. We recently sent letters to some of the characters in the book and we were lucky enough to have someone reply. His name is Tigilau Ness and he is singer, his son is also a singer called Che Fu and is currently on tour.

Anyway, we reached out to him and he came in today to talk about the dawn raids and the Polynesian Panthers, it was very informative and entertaining. Something I found out about him is that he was sentenced to prison for 9 months for protesting against the dawn raids and Pacific Islanders rights.

Thank you Tigilau for coming and sacrificing your time to come and talk to us, we thoroughly enjoyed it. Also a big thank you to Mala's dad Chris who helped us reach out to him.

 Here are some of our pictures and videos from our amazing day, like always, hope you enjoy:

Me and Digby are welcoming Tigilau.
He it telling us his exiting story
My class are all doing the Polynesian panther hand signal
Me and Cleo are showing our smiles!