Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Roll a story

Character: An underwater goddess
Setting: Under water kingdom
Problem: Raining chocolate

Once upon a moody night there was an underwater Goddess and she lived in
an underwater palace, She liked being a Goddess and having power over her

One day something terrible happened, it started to rain... CHOCOLATE!
White chocolate, milk chocolate and dark chocolate
was pelting through the layers of deep blue sea, then, the lightning started.
Chocolate covered bacon was cursing the sky like a grumpy witch who just
came home from vacation, oh, and it was also a Monday.

Now you may be thinking chocolate covered bacon, YUM!
But you see, merpeople are sort-of vegetarians and the are mortally afraid of bacon
so let's just say, THIS IS A NIGHTMARE, for them at least, But for me Mmmmm,

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