Monday, 25 June 2018

Bee proactive D.L.O

This term we have all been working on our bee DLO's here is mine;

Invertebrates D.L.O

This term we have been learning about animals but mainly invertebrates here is my DLO;

All about me

Hi! My name is Francesca but most people call me frankie or franc. I go to Owairaka District School. I am from Austria, Scotland, United kingdom and NZ. I have 3 grandparents and I love them very much. I am passionate about Animals*, Harry Potter** and Drama***. My hobbies are Animals, Netflix™, Lego™, Dance, Shopping, and Harry Potter. THE END *Animals are my life and I love them so much. **Harry Potter is my favourite thing apart from animals and drama. ***Drama is my second favourite thing in the world.

Matariki predictions

This week we are learning about Matariki. We are making predictions here is my prediction;

Friday, 22 June 2018

Matariki celebrations week

This week we did lots of work on Matariki. This week we:
made traditional Maori fried bread
Predicted the future with stars
Wove flowers 

Here are some photos of our week, hope you enjoy:
Mala writing the names of her stars.

Me and Cleo are researching. 

Me and my photo bombers Murat and Marley.

My gorgeous flax flower. 

Kneed that bread!

Taste test time!

All chopped up and ready to fry.

Cleo and Solomone presenting our stunning class cloak.

You can tell from my expression that's not a job for me.

Friday, 15 June 2018


This term we have been learning about vertebrate and invertebrates we are researching and writing down facts.
Here is my fact sheet on mammals:

Guinness world record breaking

This term in maths we have been learning about records and how to break them, To break most records you will need:
  • A timer - to make your record official
  • A measuring tape - to make your record official
  • A video - to make your record official
  • The objects you will need to break that record - to make a record 
Here are some pics of my class mates in action:
Phillip is jumping to beat the record

Cleo trying to put the clips together

Isaac is trying his best to balance the die (Dice)

Our record holders:

  • Most paperclips put together in 30 seconds - 
          Frankie (Me) and Phillip with 12 paperclips

  • Most dice stacked on back of hand in 30 seconds - 
          Elio with 5 dice

  • Jumping backwards from a standing position -
         Alyzae 1.18 meters

Well done every body for your great effort!

Bigfoot bikes visit

This week we had two awesome guys from Bigfoot Bikes come in and teach us about bike safety, what to wear,  and what to do out on the roads. I enjoyed learning how to check my bike and the fun game at the end.
Here are some photos of my class in action: