Wednesday, 28 November 2018

The Pegirafficorn!

For writing this week and last week we have been drawing and creating our own visual description's this is mine:
Remember to name the animal and send me a picture!

The Pegirafficorn

My drawing is a magical creature,
It has a oval shaped body and 4 long legs, with one bent leg and four paws with 3 toes and sharp claws,
Add circles for the knees.
Make a long neck.

At the end of the neck make the large oval for the head, don't forget to add a slightly open mouth add semicircle teeth.
Add a large eye and a nostril hole to the head,
now add long triangle horn on top of the head, add stripes to the horn,
toward the back of the head add four lines and one circle per two lines so it looks like a microphone.
Add two ears either side of the antennae, If you want you can add hair/curls around the ears and antennae.
Next add along rectangle mane with triangle indents every 1.5cm - 4cms. Don't forget the tail!

Now add birds wings to your liking,
Lastly add deformed circle-like splotches all over the animal, apart from the wings, the mane, and the horn.

The wings and horn can be pastel colours and the mane will be a brown, the splotches are also brown and the body is yellow, the antennae sticks are yellow and the balls are black, don't forget the tail witch is yellow with black hair at the bottom!

Send me a picture of your creation.

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