Friday, 9 November 2018

Table tennis tournament.

The tournament.

Yesterday on Thursday the 8th of November, me and my fellow table tennis peeps (Mala, Jadarose, Zoe, Luka, Leo, Solomon, Vinnie, James, Lucas and Mr Faulder) went to the Eden Albert table tennis tournament and participated. All of the boys had very hard people to compete with but did outstandingly well, sadly none of the boys got into the knock out round :( . The girls also had some big time competition, and we also did not get into the knock out round, however we were all so proud of ourselves for giving it a go, and, we all had heaps of fun. We all played 12 games and out of 12 games I won 4 including the bye, witch I was very proud of. and after the matches we played some games, noncompetitive table tennis and won some mentos (a chewy candy), then we watched the boys and girls finals, with the boys you could hardly see the ball. It was such a fun day and I highly recommend table tennis as a sport (even if you you aren't the best).


Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Roll a story

Character: An underwater goddess
Setting: Under water kingdom
Problem: Raining chocolate

Once upon a moody night there was an underwater Goddess and she lived in
an underwater palace, She liked being a Goddess and having power over her

One day something terrible happened, it started to rain... CHOCOLATE!
White chocolate, milk chocolate and dark chocolate
was pelting through the layers of deep blue sea, then, the lightning started.
Chocolate covered bacon was cursing the sky like a grumpy witch who just
came home from vacation, oh, and it was also a Monday.

Now you may be thinking chocolate covered bacon, YUM!
But you see, merpeople are sort-of vegetarians and the are mortally afraid of bacon
so let's just say, THIS IS A NIGHTMARE, for them at least, But for me Mmmmm,

Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Dawn raids visit

This term we have been reading 'Dawn Raids' by Pauline (Vaeluaga) Smith. We recently sent letters to some of the characters in the book and we were lucky enough to have someone reply. His name is Tigilau Ness and he is singer, his son is also a singer called Che Fu and is currently on tour.

Anyway, we reached out to him and he came in today to talk about the dawn raids and the Polynesian Panthers, it was very informative and entertaining. Something I found out about him is that he was sentenced to prison for 9 months for protesting against the dawn raids and Pacific Islanders rights.

Thank you Tigilau for coming and sacrificing your time to come and talk to us, we thoroughly enjoyed it. Also a big thank you to Mala's dad Chris who helped us reach out to him.

 Here are some of our pictures and videos from our amazing day, like always, hope you enjoy:

Me and Digby are welcoming Tigilau.
He it telling us his exiting story
My class are all doing the Polynesian panther hand signal
Me and Cleo are showing our smiles!

Thursday, 30 August 2018

Learning discussions

We have learnt a lot of things this term, here is my learning journal to show all that I have done, hope you enjoy:

Tuesday, 14 August 2018


This week we were learning about BODMAS (Which helps you do your maths with more than one operation). We also did a challenge were we had to answer questions and walk around our class to see  if we got the answer correct or not.
I enjoyed getting the right answer and figuring it out.
Here are some pictures of us doing the challenge, like always, hope you enjoy!:
Jada Rose and Claire are working hard.

Cleo is determined to win.

Me and Digby are hoping the answer is right.

On our last question.

 Everyone's nearly done!
And the winners are...
1. Me (or Frankie), Digby and Marley = Winners!
2. Cleo, Ebony and Renaylor = 2nd place!

Friday, 3 August 2018

The Civic Centre Shorts

This week we had an exiting visit to the Civic Center, we watched 12 short animated films. I am going to share 6 of my favourites, here they are:

My 3#

My 2#

My 5#

My 4#

My 6#

My 1#

Tae Kwon-Do

This week we had Tae Kwon-Do With Sir (He asked to be called that). We learnt lots of new techniques that we can use, I enjoyed throwing the pads at each other.
Thank you Sir,
Here are some of the photos from our day:
Everyone is in action
Grab that Pad!
Devon is kicking the pad at Digby!
Clare and Ebony are giving it there all!