Friday, 9 November 2018

Table tennis tournament.

The tournament.

Yesterday on Thursday the 8th of November, me and my fellow table tennis peeps (Mala, Jadarose, Zoe, Luka, Leo, Solomon, Vinnie, James, Lucas and Mr Faulder) went to the Eden Albert table tennis tournament and participated. All of the boys had very hard people to compete with but did outstandingly well, sadly none of the boys got into the knock out round :( . The girls also had some big time competition, and we also did not get into the knock out round, however we were all so proud of ourselves for giving it a go, and, we all had heaps of fun. We all played 12 games and out of 12 games I won 4 including the bye, witch I was very proud of. and after the matches we played some games, noncompetitive table tennis and won some mentos (a chewy candy), then we watched the boys and girls finals, with the boys you could hardly see the ball. It was such a fun day and I highly recommend table tennis as a sport (even if you you aren't the best).


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  1. Kia Ora Frankie, Its Mala from room 25 Owairaka District School.
    (Hope you remember who I am)
    I Love you post. I also love table tennis.
    That lollies game was so much fun, don't you agree?
    I'm surprised that you diffident mention that the girl who won for the 11 year old was in your group.
    Next time you should add some photos so vloogers such as me would know how it looked.

    If your free sometime you could always cheek out my blog! Here's a link=
    Have a grate day.